FAQ - Frequently asked questions


How long does it take to ship my order and when will it arrive? - For the most up to date info, please visit our Shipping Information Page.

How do I track my order? - Tracking information will be emailed once the items have shipped. Please note orders containing several items may ship from different locations at different times so you will receive a separate tracking email or each shipment in your order. 

What is your return policy? - You can view our return policy here: https://concretecountertopsolutions.com/pages/return-policy

What products do I need, do you sell a kit with everything? - Since every job is so different, all products have to be ordered individually. To help you figure out what you might need, we do have a Product Guide and Information Page. You can also fill out our "What Do I Need" form and we will email you a quote within 24 business hours. 

What is the difference between LiquiCrete and Counter Pack? - The difference between the two is the consistency of the mix. The Liqui-Crete is designed to use slightly more water, giving you a more flowable mix that will flow throughout the fiberglass mesh reinforcement. If you are using a more traditional reinforcement such as welded wire mesh, it's ok to use Counter-Pack.

When can I snap off the forms? - The forms can be snapped off 24-48 hours after pouring.

When can I begin sanding? - You should wait 48 hours until you do any sanding or polishing.

When can I start staining my countertop? - You should typically 3-4 days after pouring to begin staining. 

When can I seal my countertop? - This will differ from sealer to sealer so it is best to check the product instructions or data sheet before begining. If you are using the SiAcryl 14, you can begin sealing 5 days after pouring. If you are using an epoxy sealer you must make sure the concrete is 100% cured. This can take as long as 28 days, however, on a countertop slab this thick you will usually be safe after 10 days.

How do I make corners with Z Counterforms? - Corners are simply mitered with an ordinary miter saw. Any angle can be easily achieved.

Are Z Counterforms reusable? - No, because the nailer flange is left under the concrete when you snap off the Z Counterform.

Can I pour over plywood? - No, we always use 1/2” cement board (either Durock or Hardie Backer) for two primary reasons. One, concrete binds to cement board, it doesn’t bind to plywood. The other is because plywood has a tendency to shrink/ expand as all wood does. This can cause cracking down the road. The issue with 3/4” also is that the drop down in the form is 5/8” so it is really only meant to cover 1/2” or 5/8” substrate. 

Why is My sealer Peeling - Your sealer could be peeling due to inconsistent/lack of sanding, applying your sealer too soon or improper mixing of sealer. For information on sealer application see the technical data sheet on the sealers individual web page.

What concrete/bagged mix do I need to use when mixing with Liqui-Crete. When mixing with liqui-crete you will want to use 60lb bags of quikrete sand topping mix or 60lb bags of Sakrete Topping and bedding mix.

What grits should I use to sand my countertop. For all of our topical sealers (Z Aqua-Thane M35/G40 and Aqua-Poxy you will want to sand the countertop with 120-220 grit sand paper on an orbital sander. For Penetrating sealer's like our Z Siacryl 14 you can sand/polish as high as 3000. You will just have to work the sealer into the concrete.

How thick will my countertop be. The countertop thickness depends on which form you use. The standard size form has a front face of 2-1/4" and will leave you with a 1-5/8" of concrete. The Euro form has a front face of 1-1/4" leaving 1" of concrete and the Commercial size form has a front face of 3-1/2" leaving 2-5/8" of concrete. This is helpful when setting the correct height of appliances and can help with faucet installation.

Can I use this system for an outdoor countertop. Yes absolutely! We have customers using our system for outdoor countertops all over the world. There are some products that we offer that are not safe for outdoors such as our Aqua-Poxy, Ultra Z Poxy, Z Aqua-Tint "Dyes" and the black color packs.

Where do I purchase/buy the back-wall forms. Each form package comes with an equal amount of back-wall forms for free. Commercial forms do not include back-wall forms.

How long does Epoxy need to cure. The Aqua-Poxy needs at least 3-5 days to fully cure. The Ultra Z Poxy needs 2-3 days to fully cure.

When can I remove my countertop forms. You can remove your forms 24-48 hours after the pour.

Do I need release on the form liners. The form liners come with release on them from the factory but if you need to use them multiple times you will need to re-apply release.