White Countertop Mix vs LiquiCrete admix

We often get asked which is better, our White Countertop Mix or our LiquiCrete additive? They are both great products, but each are not without their benefits and drawbacks. The White Countertop Mix has a 9700 PSI and is semi self-leveling while the LiquiCrete has an 8000 PSI and is also very flowable. When using our standard size forms, either one can be used. LiquiCrete and our White Countertop Mix are both safe to use outdoors and both can be tinted and stained. So which one should you choose for your project?

If you are specifically looking for white, you will need to use the White Countertop Mix. There is no way to make grey concrete white. We make a Bright White Color Pack. The white mix is a true white on its own but if you want the brightest possible white, you can achieve that by adding in one color pack per bag. You can add the bright white color pack to the LiquiCrete and it will lighten the grey color but it will not make it white. When using integral pigment like our Terra-Tint in the White Countertop Mix, you will not get the same shades that you see in the color chart. The color chart shows the pigments being mixed with standard grey concrete. We highly recommend making a sample piece, especially if using the White Countertop Mix but also when using the LiquiCrete since the color will vary depending on your local sand mix.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           You will also need to use the White countertop Mix if you are pouring in our thinner Euro Forms due to its strength. The White Mix can safely be poured as thin as 1” where the LiquiCrete should be 1.5” thick. We tested a 12” unsupported overhang and each held 350 pounds without a problem. 

If it sounds like either of these would work your project, most people will use the LiquiCrete additive over the White Mix due to the cost of shipping. If you are near a distributor, the White Mix is easier to work with, so that might be something to take into consideration. In either case, these products will help you achieve a beautiful, customizable, crack resistant top.